Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes
the national flag of the United States of America
Hypernyms: ↑flag

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the national flag of the U.S., consisting of 13 horizontal stripes that are alternately red and white, representing the original states, and of a blue field containing 50 white stars, representing the present states. Also called Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner.

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Stars and Stripes singular noun
The flag of the United States of America, with thirteen stripes alternately red and white, and a blue field containing as many stars as there are states
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Stars and Stripes,
the flag of the United States. When first adopted by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, it contained 13 stripes and 13 stars. It now contains 13 stripes and 50 stars.

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plural n. [treated as sing.] the national flag of the U.S. It has 13 horizontal stripes, alternating red and white, which represent the original Thirteen Colonies. In the upper left corner is a field of blue with 50 white stars, which represent the 50 states

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the Stars and Stripes
: the flag of the United States

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the ˌStars and ˈStripes noun singular
the national flag of the US
the Stars and Stripes [Stars and Stripes the Stars and Stripes]
The US flag, usually called the Stars and Stripes, is an important symbol to all Americans. It is also known as Old Glory or the Star-Spangled Banner. During the revolution against Britain, George ↑Washington asked Betsy Ross to make a flag as an encouragement for his soldiers. This flag had 13 stripes, seven red and six white, and in one corner 13 white stars on a blue background to represent the 13 states. On 14 June 1777 it became the flag of the independent US. As each new state became part of the US an extra star was added.
Today, the flag is widely seen in the US. Government offices and schools have flags flying from flagpoles, and many people have flags outside their houses, especially on ↑Independence Day. Children start the school day by saying the ↑Pledge of Allegiance, a promise to be loyal to the flag and to their country. When somebody important dies, flags are flown at half mast / AmE half staff. When a soldier dies, his or her coffin is covered with a flag, and after the funeral the flag is given to the family. The flag has also been used as a symbol of protest, especially during the ↑Vietnam War, when some people burnt the flag to show that they were ashamed of their country’s actions.
Each of the US states also has its own flag. State flags may show the state flower or bird, or other emblem.

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